Magh Bihu an annual agrarian festival celebrated in Assam

The Magh Bihu is an annual agrarian festival celebrated in Assam and several other northeastern states of India. Also known as ‘Bhogali’ Bihu, it marks the end of the season of harvesting. Nomenclature Since this festival is observed in the Assamese lunar month of ‘Magh’, it is known as ‘Magh… Read more »

Brahmaputra Beach Festival An Annual Event Held In Guwahati

The ‘Brahmaputra Beach Festival’ is held in Guwahati – the gateway to the Northeast region of India. Venue & Time: The ‘Brahmaputra Beach Festival,’ is an annual event. This socio-cultural, entertainment and adventure carnival is generally held on the ravine beaches of the Brahmaputra River in the month of January…. Read more »

Porag festival celebrated by the Mishing community of Assam

Porag is an agricultural festival. It is celebrated by the Mishing community of Assam in India. Duration: Porag is an annual post-harvest celebration. It continues for five days. Alternative Nomenclature: Porag is also known as ‘Nara Singha Bihu’. The folk festival is marked by dances and songs. On the other… Read more »

Metropolis Asia A Globally Acclaimed Winter Festival in Assam

‘Metropolis Asia’ is globally acclaimed winter festival. Time & Duration The urban cultural mega event of ‘Metropolis Asia’ is annual. The annually organized music, craft and arts festival held in the month of January. This festival is usually held for three days. Founder The founder of this festival is noted… Read more »

Raslila Dance the Intimate Connection with Lord Sri Krishna

Raslila is a form of dance intimately connected with Lord Sri Krishna also known as Bhagavan Sri Krsna. WHO IS LORD SRI KRISHNA: Lord Sri Krishna is the eighth reincarnation or avatar of God Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is worshiped as a supreme deity in Hinduism. WHEN WAS LORD SRI KRISHNA… Read more »