Brahmaputra Beach Festival An Annual Event Held In Guwahati

The ‘Brahmaputra Beach Festival’ is held in Guwahati – the gateway to the Northeast region of India.

Venue & Time:

The ‘Brahmaputra Beach Festival,’ is an annual event. This socio-cultural, entertainment and adventure carnival is generally held on the ravine beaches of the Brahmaputra River in the month of January.


The organisers of this Festival have been inspired from the various festivals organised in the south Indian states.


The Festival is a confluence of the conventional with the modern. It further showcases the tradition and culture of the state of the Assamese.


The prime objective of the festival is to promote indigenous crafts and culture. The festival also popularises traditional sports of Assam.


The organisers of the this Festival is ‘ABRRA’ (Assam Boat Racing and Rowing Association). Its collaborator is ‘ATDC’ (Assam Tourism Development Corporation).

Varied Events:

The festival includes various events like Beach cricket, Beach volleyball, water rafting, canoeing and wind surfing, ice skating, kayaking and Aero sports like ballooning, paragliding and hang gliding. Visitors and tourists can participate in these events and show their skills.

Aero Events:

The aero events of this Festival are ballooning, hang gliding and paragliding.

Traditional Assamese Games:

Visitors to the Festival can try their skills also in several Assamese traditional games like cock fighting, egg breaking, and elephant races.

Modern Games:

Besides, technically advanced and modern games are held for the enthusiastic visitors to the Festival.

Competitions For Children:

For children, the organizers of this Festival holds events like kite flying and on-the-spot drawing competition.


During the ‘Brahmaputra Beach Festival’, the traditional craft is also exhibited.