Jonbeel Mela an attractive unique festival of Assam

The Joonbeel (Joon and Beel are Assamese terms for the Moon and a wetland respectively) is so-called because a large natural water body is shaped like a crescent moon. From 15thCentaury AD, the JunbeelMela is organised at DayangBeguri at Jonbeel. JunbeelMela is one of the most attractive unique festivals of… Read more »

Celebrating Rabha Hajong Chandubi Festival in Assam

Five-day Chandubi Festival is a showcase of the myriad folk culture of different communities of the State. The Festival allows knowing their traditions, ethnic culinary delicacies, folk musical instruments, ethnic fineries, and traditional games and sports. Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council organises the Chandubi Festival, which is held on the bank… Read more »