The Dehing Patkai Festival of Assam

The Dehing Patkai Festival is ideal for tourists. TIME OF FESTIVAL: This annual fest having avenues for adventure, feast and fun are held from January 16 to 19. VENUE: The Festival is organized at Lekhapani in the Tinsukia District of the northeastern state of Assam. NOMENCLATURE: The Festival is christened… Read more »

Busu Dima Festival an annual cultural festival of the Dimasa Kachari

The Busu Dima Festival is the annual cultural festival of the Dimasa Kachari community of the northeastern state of Assam in India. OTHER NOMENCLATURES The Busu Dima has many other nomenclatures. It is variously known as Bushu, Bishu, and Bushow. BUSU DIMA FESTIVAL The Busu Dima is the largest festival… Read more »

The Bwisagu Festival of the indigenous Bodos of Assam

The ‘Bwisagu’ festival is celebrated by the indigenous Bodos of Assam. It is a seasonal celebration. ETYMOLOGY: The Bodo term ‘Bwisagu’ is derived from two other Bodo words – ‘Bwisa’ and ‘Agu’. ‘Bwisa’ connotes ‘age’ or ‘year’ while ‘Agu’ means ‘start’ or ‘commence’. Hence, the meaning of the combo Bodo… Read more »

Gaan Ngai festival celebrated by The Zeliangrong Community

The Zeliangrong community celebrates the Gaan Ngai festival. For the Kabui/Rongmei Naga tribe, Gaan-Ngai is the prime festival out of many festivals celebrated. It is mainly performed by the devotees and followers of Zeliangrong Indigenous religion of ‘Heraka’ and ‘Tingkao Ragwang Chap-Riak’ cults. THE COMMUNITIES CELEBRATING GAAN-NGAI The Zeliangrong community… Read more »

Rongker Festival of the Karbis of Meghalaya and Assam

Rongker Festival is observed by the Karbis of Meghalaya and Assam in India. TIME: Rongker is an annual winter time festival. ETYMOLOGY: ‘Rongker’ is also known as ‘Dehal’ in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya and Kamrup Metropolitan District (‘Dumra Longri’ in Karbi language) in Assam. PURPOSE: Rongker Festival is celebrated to… Read more »