Gaan Ngai festival celebrated by The Zeliangrong Community

The Zeliangrong community celebrates the Gaan Ngai festival. For the Kabui/Rongmei Naga tribe, Gaan-Ngai is the prime festival out of many festivals celebrated. It is mainly performed by the devotees and followers of Zeliangrong Indigenous religion of ‘Heraka’ and ‘Tingkao Ragwang Chap-Riak’ cults. THE COMMUNITIES CELEBRATING GAAN-NGAI The Zeliangrong community… Read more »

Wanshuwa (Wanshuwa Kham) Festival of The Tiwas community

Wanshuwa is a folk festival of the indigenous Tiwa community of Assam and Meghalaya. They primarily dwell in the two hamlets of Marjong and Amkha in Karbi Anglong District of Assam. Alternative Name This festival is also known as Wanshuwa Kham. Duration This important socio-religious event is organised after every… Read more »

Sogra Festival celebrated by Tiwa community of Assam and Meghalaya

The Tiwa community of Assam and Meghalaya (two of the eight northeastern) states of India celebrate the Sogra festival. Significance of Sogra Festival This festival marks the commencement of the season of cultivation. Time of Sogra The annually celebrated Sogra festival is held in March and April. Generally, the festival… Read more »