Bohuwa Dance worship of Lord Shiva or Khring Raja Baithow

The Sonowal Kacharis (of the northeastern State of Assam in India) celebrate the Bohuwa Dance.

The event is observed by the Sonowal Kachari community of Bihpuria in Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh districts.

Biennial Dance

It is celebrated every two years.


The significance of this festival is that it heralds a new beginning by getting rid of evil influence. Its performance welcomes a new society.


The roots of this festival have been traced to ancient times.

Generations of the Sonowal Kachari community have been religiously performing this dance. Therefore, the Bohuwa dance has immense socio-cultural relevance.


  • The Bohuwa dance is performed to revere Lord Shiva, also known as ‘Khring Raja Baithow’.
  • The principal deity of the Sonowal Kacharis is ‘Khring Raja Baithow’.
  • The Bathow dance has specific mention in the age-old Hindu treatises like the Bhagavad Gita and also the Puranic texts.
  • The Sonowal Kacharis dance the Bathow dance in praise of the divine powers of the mighty Lord Shiva (‘Khring Raja Baithow’).

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