Karbi Youth Festival celebrated by the Karbi People Assam

Karbi Youth Festival, as the name of the event connotes, the festival is celebrated by the indigenous Karbi tribe of Assam in India. This festival is also regarded as the richest, oldest, and most vibrant ethnic festival of North East India.


The Karbi Youth Festival is the oldest ethnic festival in the region in particular and India in general. Several other communities and tribes also showcase their rich culture in the festival. Over 5000 cultural activities participated in it during this 5 days festival and in the 4 stages.


This almost annual fest is held in the districts of West and East Karbi Anglong from 15th to 19th February of every year. The venue is the Karbi People Hall, Taralangso in the headquarters of the district – Diphu.

Karbi Youth Festival


This Festival is organised by the KCS (Karbi Cultural Society). The society is popularly known as ‘Karbi Riso-Nimso Rong Aje’.

Zonal Fests

The Karbi Youth Festival is also organized in smaller or zonal versions. These zonal fests are first held in the different regions of Karbi Anglong. Finally, the selected participants and cultural teams congregate in the main edition at Taralangso. The attractions of these fears are fairs, cultural events, and songs and dances among others.


The aims of this festival is to promote and share the cultural heritage of all the people of Karbi descent with the global community. Karbi culture and traditions are socializing because they never depress and neglect the other culture and tribe, but others did to them.