Fish weighing 50 kg caught in Chhimtuipui river Mizoram

A huge fish weighing 50 kg was trapped from Chhimtuipui river by a fisherman from Vartekkai village in Siaha district Mizoram.

The Chhimtuipui river, also known as the Chhimmtuipi Lui or Kaladan river, is a river of Mizoram, northeastern India. It flows in a southerly direction through Myanmar.

The river is the biggest river in Mizoram by volume. It originates in western part of Myanmar from the Village of Vanum at an elevation of 2,325 metres (7,628 ft). It enters Mizoram near Sabawngte village from where it flows Northward for 138 kilometres (86 mi) till it meets Tiau river. From this point it flows northwest and meets Tuichawng river near Hnahthial and flows southwards where Mat river and Mengpui River meet.